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This center is designed to support the entire community by providing central gathering place within the community.  The facility will contain a wellness center, cultural center and event space.  The wellness center will promote healthy living, the cultural center will contain relevant information which highlights the accomplishments and cultural achievement of individuals from the environment.  A subset of the center will provide information critical for disaster and emergency assistance. Our mission is to preserve, the history, and contributions of individuals from of this community.  We will accomplish this by displaying artifacts, photographs, film clips, and news sources highlighting individuals from Greater Roswell, and Groveway Area. Demonstrating their roles in shaping local, national and world history. Thus providing a creative and interesting way to inform, educate and share the experiences of a select group from a unique African American Community.  We endeavor to promote inclusion, discovery, curiosity, inspiration, and learning for people of all ages. Our growth strategy involves creating a partnership with the City of Roswell, local schools, churches and our extended community to help make this a desirable place to visit within a safe live, work, and play environment.

The building is under restoration once building renovation is complete the facility will become the center piece in our efforts to focus on affordable living, and support for the under served by preserving the historical integrity with in the community.   The building will contain the following:

  • A Healthy Living Center
  • An Event Center
  • A Cultural Center
  • Disaster and Emergency Assistance Center

We will leverage technology and focus on education and training within all environments.

Healthy Living – Giving the underserved the understanding and tools to create a healthy lifestyle is the overall objective of this part of the master plan for the center. We will accomplish this by providing healthy cooking, healthy eating, and exercise classes which complement our community garden. We will turn the Groveway Community into a true, live, work, and play community that leaves no one behind.  Our goal will be to create a way of living that lowers the risk of being seriously ill or dying early. We believe that living healthy is not just about avoiding disease but it is also about physical, mental and social wellbeing. Because on this we will also focus on interpersonal and financial management training as a part of our healthy living strategy program

The Event Center –  The event center contains over !@@@@1122 square feet of space. The current space is ideal for the following:

  • Corporate meetings, training and seminars
  • Civic meetings and church socials
  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Reunions
  • Receptions
  • Fundraisers
  • Dinner parties

Meeting rooms and kitchen facilities are also available. The event space can be combined with outdoor spaces for larger events. This will also provide job opportunities for members of the underserved community.

The Cultural Center will contain three separate and distinct areas which focus on and highlight the significant accomplishment of individuals from the past, present and future.

  • The Past Area will house pictures, plaques, trophies and other items of significance associated with the person being recognized. The central theme within the center will focus on residents of the Greater Roswell Area, Pleasant Hill and Zion Missionary Baptist Church and Community residents. This area will not be much different than any other cultural area across the country.
  • The Current Area – this community has been blessed with an incredible number of successful people who have to be described as over achievers. They comprise a wide range of careers and backgrounds. Including those holding National Offices in Government, and social organizations.  Our young people from the community have achieved the highest levels of success! We have multiple members who are current or former members within the community as member of National Football, National Baseball and National Basketball League. Other have achieved the ultimate distinction by being member of Super Bowl Teams, National Basketball Championship Teams, and  Junior National Cooking Champion.  We will highlight these young people as well as other community leaders from a broad spectrum including but not limited to the following areas:
    • Community civic leaders
    • Legal
    • Sports
    • Academic
    • Business
    • Medical
    • Religious
    • Authors
    • National or International Acclaim
    • Business
    • Technical, Architectural and Engineering

 The Future Area

While all areas of the Cultural Center are important we are most excited about, The Future Area of the center our primary focus will be on giving young people a vision of their future.  Our mission and goal is to inspire by showing past successful individuals but more importantly allow each student to project themselves in a future. We will accomplish this by leveraging technology. Right now, millions of under-resourced students here in the U.S. are lacking the technology and skills required for success in today’s digital economy. By using virtual reality, augmented reality and aging techniques. Students will be able to project their career path and how to get there. Being able to interact with transformative technologies like these will further prepare our students for tomorrow’s digital world is a fun and educational way.

Learning from the past and current area’s we will challenge each young person and provide the ability to project where they see themselves in the future.  A future in Law enforcement, Sports, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Law, Fire fighter and the like.  We will deliver the promise of the digital world by providing a way to bring it alive.  Taking advantage of providing education in a fun creative way.