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As background, as early as 2009, community leaders within Roswell, GA, became acutely aware of actual and proposed redevelopment in the central area of the City.  These major societal changes and community redevelopment plans threatened the integrity of the historical nature of the neighborhood (also known as the Groveway Community), as well as affordable housing of its neighbors many of whom are mid- to low-income individuals.

Since the mid to early 1800’s the Groveway area of the city has been known as a diverse, strong multiethnic interfaith community anchored by several strong church organizations.  Civic organizations, cluster homes and private home ownership were always a cornerstone in this historic neighborhood.  As early as 2009, it became more than apparent that the need for solutions to address the devastating effects of gentrification had to become of a priority.  Various groups within the community began to formulate plan to combat the emerging crisis.  Since that time various civic, political and church groups and residence of the community have taken actions to address the emerging problem.

As a result, in March of 2018, the Roswell Organization for Community Development, Inc. (ROCD) was officially organized and duly incorporated under the laws in the State of Georgia by a group of dedicated volunteers. The corporation received its IRS Determination letter on June 8, 2018 granting the organization 501 ( c ) (3) non-profit status.