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Disaster and Emergence assistance

We will partnered with various organizations including Zion Missionary Baptist Church, American Red Cross, FEMA, Lott Carey and other organizations to assist in emergency situations.  Our goal is not to become provide long term care but to provide temporary direction and support.  However we believe that to become a vibrant live, work, and play community for all in the community we need a crisis mitigation strategy.  Several members of our organization have already received training from the American Red Cross and FEMA.  Our intent is to grow these and other relationships growing both our knowledge and coverage.  Our operations will enable a process where individuals from the community can come when, families and the extended community has been directly affected by an emergency.  This includes identifying programs for provision of food, shelter, clothing, and financial assistance, psychological and social.  .  It may include the collection and assessment of social impact information to support an appropriate social response. Successful delivery requires prior understanding of risks and community vulnerabilities in order to adequately reduce, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. Our relationship with Well Star will enhance our understanding of the health needs.